Terms of Service

1.Users of this site can use the service after agreeing to these terms.

2.The Music and Sound Effects on this site is royalty free and can be used for any purpose as background music.It can be used in all fields such as commercial use, events, video, games, etc.

3.You can use all Music and Sound Effects for royalty Free,but I do not renounce the copyright.

4.Secondary sale and secondary distribution of free music and sound effects,
Free music and sound effects may not be sold or distributed by third parties.
 (Prohibition example)

 Registering free music to “others free contents sites”.
 Selling and distributing free songs.
 Creating a site where you can download free songs,Direct link to free music.

5.It is prohibited to disguise the creator of the free Music and Sound Effects.
(Prohibition example)

act of pretending to be the creator of the Music and Sound Effects.

6.Please do not register the free music of this site in the content ID of Youtube.
If a video using a free Music is registered in the content ID, it cannot be used by other users.
If the content ID is registered, we will file an objection.

7.Free music and Sound Effects on this site must not be registered with a copyright management organization.

8.”T-STUDIO” does not take any responsibility for any damage or trouble caused by using this site.

9.The validity, interpretation and performance of this agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Japanese law.