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NES Sound Effects List


NES Get 1
NES Get 2
NES Clink
NES Appear Item


NES Shot 1
NES Shot 2
NES Shot 3
NES Shot 4
NES Shot 5


NES Jump 1
NES Jump 2


NES Damage 1
NES Damage 2
NES Bump 1
NES Dizzy 1
NES Dizzy 2
NES Bump 2
NES Bump 3
NES Bump 4
NES Throw 1
NES Throw 2
NES Throw 3
NES Throw 4
NES Rock Sliding
NES Stairs Up And Down 1
NES Stairs Up And Down 2
NES Fanfare 1
NES Fanfare 2